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We spent years obsessing over cuffs, collars, buttons and fabrics in pursuit of creating shirts that are truly best-in-class.

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Collar Tales was launched by Father-Son Duo, Dinesh Bhalla and Dhruv Bhalla. The inspiration of creating Collar Tales came from our desire to bring authentic, finely stitched cotton shirts for men who have a taste for quality. We have put our parent company’s 40 years of experience in cotton apparel textile business in research and development to the range of our shirts.

We offer Infinitely Versatile Shirts in range from Superfine Egyptian Cotton Fabrics, MOP Buttons, Removable Collar Stays and Fine Stitch Counts.

Our passion lies in quality. Most of our fabrics have a minimum yarn count of 60, and some of our selected fabrics reach a yarn count of 140's. While a rather lavish choice for a daily dress shirt, it brings the finest, softest touch to your skin. The luxurious fabrics are joined with superior single-needle seams and finished with genuine shell buttons. These shirts are, quite simply, the best quality shirts that money can buy.

Our shirts are made in a small factory in India, where the values of craftsmanship have been passed down for generations. The master touch of handmade tailoring in each Collar Tales shirt is to benchmark Luxury as a right to every individual owner of our shirts.

Our goal is to build a brand based on our core values of great fit and superb quality.

Precise, Quality Construction

Our construction methods combine sophisticated technology with traditional shirt making methods.

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