Care Instructions

A few tips on how best to care for your Collar Tales shirt:

  1. Before you wash your shirt or take it to the dry cleaners, be sure to remove the collar stays. This will ensure that they don’t get bent out of shape and they continue to provide the right support for your collar.
  2. All Collar Tales shirts can be machine washed, but do so on a cold setting to keep shrinkage to a minimum. All shirts tend to shrink about 2-3%.
  3. Hang dry your shirt. Machine drying may lead to shrinkage and can damage some of the finer fabrics.
  4. Once the washing program is finished, hang the shirt on a hanger and stretch the collar, cuff and front plackets softly. Do not wring the shirt.
  5. Ironing your shirt when it is still slightly damp will make the job a little easier. You may also want to use light/medium starch under the front of the collar to help keep it standing upright.
  6. Wire hangers work just fine, but you might want to invest in some thicker wooden hangers. A good wooden hanger will increase the life of a shirt and help it keep its shape.